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Russian Hackers Read Obama's Emails

Dan Gilmore · Apr. 27, 2015

Regarding the security breach of the White House’s computer network, it might be easier to ask what the hackers didn’t gain access to. In the early part of April, news broke that a group of hackers — probably with some link to the Russian government — compromised the White House email system and accessed Barack Obama’s full schedule. But the White House has remained mum on how deeply the hackers penetrated. According to The New York Times, the hackers were reading some of Obama’s unclassified email messages, the ones where he drafted upcoming speeches, worked out upcoming policy, complained about Congress, talked about staffing changes and, yes, even described his golf game. The Times says Obama’s account itself was not compromised, nor was the classified email system the White House uses. As Noah Rothman writes at Hot Air, “This administration has a problem with information security, and it’s becoming clear that their carelessness is a threat to American national security.” When Obama declared his administration was the most transparent in history, none of us thought he was talking about the Russians. More…

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