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IRS Promises to Return Seized $100K to Business Owner

Dan Gilmore · May 15, 2015

This is why we’ve got an independent press. The IRS has promised to return the $107,700 seized from a North Carolinian convenience store owner after he went public with his story. The owner, Lyndon McLellan, told The Daily Signal, “It’s a relief to know that you’re getting something back that’s yours to start with. I wanted [the government] to do what was right, and I felt what was right was for me to get my money back.” McLellan deals a lot in cash. After all, he sells cigarettes, soda and hot dogs. Those deposits into his bank account triggered the IRS to pull a civil asset forfeiture because bureaucrats thought he was committing structuring violations — regulations regarding the deposits of cash to prevent laundering and the illegal drug trade. Still, the Signal reports the IRS has yet to hand over the money and it doesn’t want to give McLellan interest on his money and compensation for legal fees. Remember: For all this trouble, McLellan was never charged for a crime and did nothing wrong. Unlike the IRS. More…

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