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It Will Be Years Before Tsarnaev Pays for His Crimes

Dan Gilmore · May 18, 2015

On Friday, a Boston jury condemned Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, one of the Boston Marathon bombers, to death by lethal injection for detonating his pressure-cooker bomb that killed four people. Now, the years of legal red tape begins — the appeals, the stays, the years of waiting. Death is the most just punishment society can mete out to this jihadi; life in prison wouldn’t have been enough. Since 1988, the federal government has sentenced 80 people to death, yet only three have received their penalty. Jazz Shaw at Hot Air notes, “But now, this very young terrorist will awaken each day and go to bed each night counting the days he has left, looking at a life far shorter than any his less heinous peers envision. Will the next appeal be approved? Will he be granted a stay? Can he hang on to precious life, no matter how lonely and morbid, for just a little longer before he faces the darkness of eternity?” Now, Tsarnaev’s defense team will test every procedure of the trial, trying to find a crack that will overturn his sentence. Boston.com says his defense will most likely make issue that the trial was not held outside Boston, and that some of the evidence was sealed for the sake of national security. More…

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