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Most Americans Want Income Redistribution

Dan Gilmore · Jun. 4, 2015

A recent poll conducted by The New York Times and CBS News finds that not only are Americans concerned with inequality but they want the government to go after the rich and redistribute their wealth. Paul wants the government to rob Peter. “The poll found that a strong majority say that wealth should be more evenly divided and that it is a problem that should be addressed urgently,” the Times reports. “Nearly six in 10 Americans said government should do more to reduce the gap between the rich and the poor, but they split sharply along partisan lines. Only one-third of Republicans supported a more active government role, versus eight in 10 of Democrats.” The report goes on to say inequality of wealth may become a prominent issue in the larger 2016 election. It’s a convenient narrative for Obama. His redistributionist policies — from an ill-conceived and ill-targeted “stimulus” to ObamaCare — have clearly stalled the nation’s economic engine, but he and his acolytes can simply continue to tell the poor and middle class that the deck is stacked against them. The Leftmedia, of course, dutifully parrots this false narrative, and the means to create wealth continue to languish.

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