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American Giving Reaches New High

Dan Gilmore · Jun. 22, 2015

When it comes to helping the least of these, the Left is filled with self-loathing. In their political philosophy, the government must come in, replace the churches and nonprofits, and save everybody from their tight-fisted greed. In reality, giving is higher than it’s ever been in this country and it’s the greedy government that wants more of the money. The Giving USA Foundation recently released its annual report on the nation’s giving. It found that in 2014, Americans gave $358 billion. This is the fifth year that the nation’s giving rose after the Great Recession tightened everyone’s pocketbooks. “Since 1954, the earliest available data provided by Giving USA, charitable giving has increased more than six-fold, even after adjusting for inflation,” The Washington Examiner reports. “Through the years, giving has had its dips during recessions but has increased by an average of about $5 billion a year.” The generosity is one of many things that make this country great, and it’s a thing that’s only increasing in size. While it’s dipped when the nation has come upon hard times, this report is a sign that our nation is once again coming back.

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