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Clinton Strings Along Investigators With Hidden Emails

Mark Alexander · Jun. 26, 2015

We’re still trying to grasp all we don’t know about Hillary Clinton’s cannon of destroyed documentation. On Thursday, the State Department admitted that nine full emails and six partial emails that Clinton lackey Sidney Blumenthal handed over to the Select Committee on Benghazi were not in the reams of printed emails Clinton dumped on the department. Clinton had to have known this. Earlier this year, Clinton said she handed over all the emails regarding her tenure as secretary of state, though she admitted that she destroyed half of her emails because they were “private.” Clinton swears she told the truth, but it was not the whole truth and nothing but the truth about the events leading up to the day when jihadists killed four Americans in Benghazi. “This has implications far beyond Libya, Benghazi and our committee’s work,” Benghazi Committee Chair Trey Gowdy said. “This conclusively shows her email arrangement with herself, which was then vetted by her own lawyers, has resulted in an incomplete public record. … The revelation these messages were not originally produced to the State Department by Clinton is significant and troubling.” The emails show that Clinton was encouraging Blumenthal to send her intelligence reports on Benghazi, despite Clinton’s claim that the reports were unsolicited. So why is the State Department cooperating with the Benghazi investigation now? It’s very possible Hillary, Blumenthal and Co. are contriving these releases as a red herring designed to tie up Republican political capital on an issue that may be a nonstarter. Barack Obama did the same thing with his birth certificate.

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