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San Fran Illegal Alien Murderer Used Federal Agent's Gun

Dan Gilmore · Jul. 8, 2015

Did the illegal alien Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez break into a Bureau of Land Management agent’s car and steal his personal handgun? Or did he find the .40 caliber wrapped in a t-shirt on the beach after loading up on sleeping pills he found discarded in a dumpster? Sanchez admits to killing Kate Steinle at San Francisco’s Pier 14 July 1. But did the gun accidentally go off three times in his hands? Or did he murder Steinle in cold blood? Whatever narrative finally crystalizes from the tales of the unreliable narrator and suspected murderer, one thing is clear: The gun-control crusade cannot blame legal gun ownership on this act of violence. Sanchez had no business with that gun in his hand. But at this point, the federal agent appears to have followed California’s gun laws. If there’s anyone the gun-control-happy California government would be okay with bearing arms, it would probably be a federal agent. No, politicians from Hillary Clinton to Donald Trump have already agreed why Kate Steinle died: San Francisco’s sanctuary city policies let an illegal alien who should have been deported roam free.

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