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Obama 'Recovery' Even Worse Than Thought

Jordan Candler · Jul. 30, 2015

The status quo remains unchanged. Newly released figures from the Commerce Department show that in the second quarter — encompassing the months of April, May and June — the U.S. economy grew by just 2.3%, while first quarter growth was adjusted to 0.6%. No matter how you spin it, this isn’t progress. In fact, GDP so far in 2015 trails 2014, a year that continued the trend of underperformance. But there was another interesting aspect to the report that is being largely ignored. “The second-quarter report is the first to include new methodology meant to make GDP more accurate,” explains MarketWatch. “Over the past several years GDP has slightly underestimated growth in the first quarter and sharply overestimated growth in the third quarter, leading to big swings that confused Wall Street and Washington.” After taking into account the new methodology, the results are even less stellar: “Under the new approach, the government has found that the U.S. economy grew somewhat slower from 2012 to 2014: An average of 2% a year instead of 2.3%. That means the slowest recovery since the end of World War II is even weaker than previously believed.” The Obama “Recovery” was never as robust as this administration has consistently claimed, as further underscored by new government figures. Maybe that’s why so many Millennials are living at home.

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