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Nobody Circles the Wagons Like the Leftmedia

Attacking CMP instead of Planned Parenthood.

Nate Jackson · Aug. 5, 2015

The Leftmedia reaction to the Planned Parenthood videos hasn’t been to ignore them entirely, but it frequently has been to circle the wagons. CNN’s Alisyn Camerota went straight for the jugular with Center for Medical Progress’ David Daleiden, asking, essentially, if he was a “violent extremist.” She of course posed it as not her idea: “Your critics — critics of your organization I should say — say that you’re not journalists as you purport to be on your website, but rather you’re violent extremists,” Camerota said to Daleiden. “They say that you are operating under the guise of investigative reporting, but really you’re trying to shut down all Planned Parenthoods and women’s access to things like birth control and other services they provide. Do you have any ties to Operation Rescue?” There is a person affiliated with Operation Rescue on the board of CMP, so the question isn’t completely irrelevant, but it’s clear Camerota’s mission is to discredit the messenger, not deal with the message.

Then again, CNN’s Jake Tapper didn’t let the White House off easy, wondering why nobody there seems at all interested in even watching the videos.

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