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Chattanooga Officer Won't Be Charged

That doesn't mean Lt. Cmdr. Tim White won't face disciplinary action.

Nate Jackson · Aug. 6, 2015

Lt. Cmdr. Tim White, the U.S. Navy officer who returned fire at the jihadi in the attack in Chattanooga, will not face charges, the Navy said Wednesday, contrary to some earlier reports. Military bases were on high alert at the time of the attack, and it’s possible White was viewed as taking his own initiative as the commanding officer. Such officers have more discretionary ability than their personnel do. As Mark Alexander noted, while the Navy will not be bringing charges against White, this does not preclude some other disciplinary action against him, and we will keep you posted. The ban on firearms at military installations is foolish and absurd, and given that Lt. Cmdr. White’s actions were heroic and saved lives we certainly hope the JAG review will determine no grounds for disciplinary action.

In related news, the FBI has issued an alert regarding threats to U.S. military families in Colorado and Wyoming. Reports indicate intimidation and harassment by “Middle Eastern males” has been a problem in the first half of this year. But we have an administration (and complicit media) more concerned with political correctness than identifying and countering the radical Islamic threat. Threatened families in Colorado should contact the FBI Fort Collins Resident Agency at (970) 663-1028. In Wyoming, contact the FBI Cheyenne Resident Agency at (307) 632-6224.

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