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IRS Hack Was Far Worse Than Thought

An additional 220,000 people had information stolen.

Nate Jackson · Aug. 18, 2015

In May, we learned that hackers stole confidential information on roughly 114,000 taxpayers. IRS Commissioner John Koskinen’s indifference at the time was astounding, if not surprising. Now come to find out the breach was far worse than the IRS admitted. “An additional 220,000 potential victims had information stolen from an IRS website as part of a sophisticated scheme to use stolen identities to claim fraudulent tax refunds,” CBS News reports. “The revelation more than doubles the total number of potential victims, to 334,000.” If your information was stolen, take comfort in knowing the IRS says it will … “begin mailing letters in the next few days.” Whew! The IRS will offer free credit monitoring services, and assign potential victims a special ID for filing taxes. Of course, we’re not sure if we feel safer with our information in the hands of hackers or IRS agents with a political axe to grind.

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