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Alert, Alert! NASA Predicts Faster Sea Level Rise

If NASA's forecast is correct, then what is the tipping point?

Dan Gilmore · Aug. 28, 2015
Photo courtesy Eric E Castro, Wikimedia Commons

Despite only seeing sea levels rise 2.75 inches since 1993, NASA came out with new numbers this week that paint a bleak picture for the future of the nation’s coasts. After studying the world’s oceans by satellite for 22 years, NASA said its original estimates, the ones predicting sea levels to rise one to three feet due to global warming, were off. By the way NASA described it, they made it seem we are in the crook of a hockey-stick graph. Eric Rignot, who works at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, told CBS News, “Ice sheets are contributing to sea level rise sooner, and more than anticipated.” University of Colorado’s R. Steven Nerem, who studies Astrodynamics and satellite navigation, told CNN that sea levels will rise at least three feet, eroding massive amounts of coastline. This news is awfully convenient for the evangelists of the man-made global warming theory, forecasting a dire future where Florida turns into a briny bog and the coastal areas get swept out into a warm sea. But if NASA’s forecast is correct, then what is the tipping point? What changed for the sea levels to rise at a quicker rate? If global warming is a naturally occurring phenomenon, then sea levels should continue their gradual rise, regardless of human activity.

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