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Can the GOP at Least Slow Iran Deal?

The review clock never began because Obama ignored the law.

Nate Jackson · Sep. 10, 2015

Republicans are considering their options to thwart the Iran deal and preserve at least some of the sanctions against Iran for as long as possible. They’ll do this by rebuking Barack Obama for failing even to abide by the terms of Sen. Bob Corker’s ill-advised review deal. Under that law, which Obama signed, he was required to submit all relevant information to the deal, including unbelievably foolish secret side deals, by July 19, after which Congress would have 60 days for review. Obama did not do so, which Republicans argue means the congressional review period never actually began. They have forced a delay in the debate over the deal until Obama hands over the information. In the meantime, the House will vote on two measures laying groundwork for possible legal action: One condemning Obama for violating the law, and another meant-to-fail measure to approve the deal. “The administration has not submitted the deal,” Sen. Ted Cruz said, adding, “Republicans in this body should not be facilitating this president yet again disregarding the law and doing so in contravention of the national security interests of this country.”

On the other side of the aisle, House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer gave perhaps the worst endorsement ever: “I have concluded that this is not the best deal the P5+1 could have achieved.” Not even close, as detailed by the rest of his statement. “However,” he continued, “it is the agreement that the United States agreed to and that is now before the Congress. Although it was a difficult choice, I have decided to oppose a resolution of disapproval, albeit with serious concerns.” Try to contain your enthusiasm, there, Steny.

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