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Obama's Climate Change Regs Have Crushed West Virginia

The West Virginian economy is the canary in the coal mine.

Dan Gilmore · Dec. 1, 2015
Photo courtesy State Department

The West Virginian economy is the canary in the coal mine as to what will happen if the “enlightened” international community decides to enact their plans at the Climate Change Summit in Paris this month. The canary is gasping for breath, as toxic air is wafting down the shaft. Fewer and fewer West Virginians don helmets and descend into the earth to extract coal for American energy and to make American steel. Over half of the adults in West Virginia are out of work. Young men, 18, 19, struggle to find a job that will cover their needs. Sure, the life of a coal miner has always been a hard American life. These days, it’s the Obama administration that bears much of the responsibility for the struggling state, as it’s crushing the miners underneath its regulatory crusade against coal. Twenty-seven coal companies in Central Appalachia filed for bankruptcy since 2012. Barack Obama hasn’t just hurt a whole sector of the economy: The coal industry keeps the lights burning, the computer servers whizzing. It’s an indication of the lengths Obama will go to “fundamentally transform” the United States. As for the miners, well there’s always the government’s welfare and subsidy complex, part of Obama’s insincere compassion for the American worker.

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