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Too Few Students Passed Algebra? There's Math for That

New York deploys the new, new math.

Dan Gilmore · Dec. 1, 2015

Oh, the joys of a state-run education. Here’s the problem facing the education czars in New York, in the words of The New York Times: “If the percentage of students passing the Algebra I exam falls to 63 percent from 72 percent, and the passing grade is scheduled to increase by 14 points in coming years, should the test be made easier?” See, in an effort to boost the ability for New York students to handle higher education (thanks, Common Core), the State Board of Regents announced it was going to make its Algebra tests more difficult. Success in educating the future generation, right? Problem was, students were getting the same kind of education. So now, the brightest educational minds in New York decided that to prepare the students for college, the state has to dumb down the test so more students can pass. Still, the root problem — the state’s poor ability to educate — continues unchanged. And we wonder how college students have become so stunted as to demand “safe spaces” from thoughts — philosophies, let alone the facts — they find uncomfortable.

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