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Girls Push Back Against Boy in Locker Room

"We all are experiencing personal struggles that need to be respected."

Nate Jackson · Dec. 22, 2015

Last month, we reported that the state of Illinois decided a boy should be able to use a locker room with a bunch of girls simply because the boy would rather think of himself as a girl. In other words, his gender dysphoria can dictate what other girls have to accommodate, regardless of the fact that he is still anatomically a boy. But hey, the school couldn’t lose federal funding, now could it?

Well, the girls are pushing back against the school’s “solution” to create a private area for the boy in the girls’ locker room. “It is unfair to infringe upon the rights of others to accommodate one person,” said six girls in a joint statement. “Although we will never fully understand your personal struggle,” they told the transgender student, “please understand that we, too, all are experiencing personal struggles that need to be respected.”

It’s patently absurd that these girls are being forced to welcome the presence of a boy while they change clothes, especially when they’re teenagers dealing with enough natural insecurity. Worse, rather than making adjustments for the boy quietly and personally, hundreds of kids now know every facet of his struggle. How much harder has that made it for him? All in the name of “tolerance,” everyone is unhappy and disrespected.

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