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University of CA Destroys Liberty to Fight Sexual Assault

The Left responds as always: More control, more monitoring.

Dan Gilmore · Jan. 18, 2016

The assault on due process continues in the “liberal” bastions known as higher education. The University of California recently revamped how it investigates sexual assault. The school, like many schools across the country, faces pressure from Barack Obama’s Department of Education to root out the sexual assault epidemic that is (supposedly) plaguing the modern college campus, an epidemic discovered when cobbling together some scientifically dubious studies. Cal has instituted mandatory minimums on any male student they accuse of sexual assault and they find guilty. And what happens when said student tries to defend himself? The Washington Examiner’s Ashe Schow, who has been following the issue, writes that the University of California has polices that turn sex between two college students into a legal event that really should be monitored by two lawyers. “The only way to prove one followed such a policy is to videotape the encounter, but now, California colleges are making such recordings a violation of school policy,” Schow explains. Found recording a personal sexual encounter as proof that everyone followed policy? That’s sexual assault. “Men looking to attend school in California should take note,” she wrote. Meanwhile, it should be noted that this is a problem of the Left’s own making. So-called liberals were the ones advocating for free love in the ‘60s. And when they didn’t like the result, the broken relationships, the societal problems, they responded as they always do: More control, more monitoring.

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