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Feel the Tax Bern

Bernie Sanders has a long list of taxes he'd like to hike.

Nate Jackson · Jan. 19, 2016

While Republicans like Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio are working on ways to lower taxes, Bernie Sanders is rolling out a multitude of ways to raise them. And not just rate tweaks here and there; we’re talking tax hikes to the tune of nearly $20 trillion over 10 years. Some $14 trillion in tax hikes on both businesses and individuals are meant to fund Sanders’ single-payer health care plan. But Bernie also wants to raise Social Security taxes, other payroll taxes, capital gains taxes, the death tax, corporate taxes, oil taxes and marginal income tax rates. As we’ve noted before, at least Sanders has the integrity to admit he’s a socialist. That ideology is exactly what inspires all these tax proposals, since the Left is all about certain people paying their “fair share” so that income can be redistributed to favored constituents. If you think the economy is in the ditch right now, just wait and see what would happen if Sanders got his way.

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