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The More Voters See of Clinton, the More They Don't Like

Clinton's policies lack the pop that Sanders' have.

Dan Gilmore · Jan. 27, 2016

According to the most recent Fox News poll, Hillary Clinton is bleeding followers nationally. A month ago, she was riding a wave of 56% support among Democrats. Sanders had a 34% following and 4% of the respondents didn’t know who they would support. In the poll conducted Jan. 18-21, Clinton’s support dropped to 49%, Sanders is up to 37% and 10% of Democrats don’t know who they should support in the rapidly approaching primaries.

One of the factors driving uncertainty in the Democrat Party is that her campaign might suffer a sudden death if Clinton is prosecuted by the FBI for mishandling classified information — more bad news dropping this week. The other is that Clinton’s policies lack the pop that Sanders’ have. For instance, Sanders said he wants to hike taxes so that the government confiscates another $20 trillion over 10 years. Clinton’s tax plan proposes raising taxes by $498 billion over that same period — comparatively weak sauce for “progressives” wanting to stick it to the “rich.”

According to an analysis by the Tax Foundation, Clinton’s tax proposal would shrink U.S. GDP by 1%. Furthermore, as Reince Priebus, chair of the Republican National Committee, said, “Hillary Clinton’s tax hike plan is an absolute disaster. Not only do Clinton’s tax increases fail to pay for her $1.2 trillion spending spree, they will slow economic growth, drive down wages, and kill the equivalent of hundreds of thousands of full-time jobs.” And to think that the economic damage caused by Clinton’s tax hikes will be nothing compared to what Sanders might unleash on the economy.

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