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This Police Shooting Doesn't Fit Left's Narrative

It was an example of community policing gone wrong.

Political Editors · Feb. 12, 2016

It was an example of community policing gone wrong. On Wednesday, a 68-year-old man shot and killed a police officer who sat down next to him at a restaurant to check up on him. Senior Deputy Patrick Dailey approached the disheveled man sitting alone at a booth in a Panera restaurant in Abingdon, Maryland. Little did he know that the man was wanted for assaulting a police officer. After shooting Dailey, the man killed Senior Deputy Mark Logsdon as he responded to the shooting. The man fled and was killed in a shootout. “The left-wing media seems intent on ignoring the story,” columnist Gary Bauer wrote. “But what if the officer had his weapon ready or had taken enough precautions that he was able to shoot Evans, thereby saving his own life? I suspect we would have been subjected to another presidential lecture, to more anti-police protests and riots, to more demands to handcuff our cops.”

In response, Barack Obama issued the following statement from the White House: “_____.” That’s right; he couldn’t be bothered to say anything, though he’s inserted himself into a handful of incidents where cops (or a neighborhood watchman) killed civilians.

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