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Obama Meddled With Independent FCC for Net Neutrality

Obama hacked the process to regulate the Internet.

Dan Gilmore · Mar. 8, 2016

As we noted last week, it’s been a year since Barack Obama succeeded in setting Internet regulation back to the era of the rotary phone. A court case challenging the appropriateness of the regulation is currently making its way through the courts, and it’s revealing some rather interesting information. For example, the Federal Communications Commission is supposed to be an independent body from the rough and tumble of politics. Yet documents submitted to the court show that while the FCC was creating the regulation known as net neutrality, it was working with the Obama administration, keeping it abreast with where it was in the process.

“The appeals court has plenty of evidence proving White House meddling with a supposedly independent agency,” wrote The Wall Street Journal’s L. Gordon Crovitz. “Voters have more reason for outrage at an administration that ignores limits on its power. The Internet is too important to be left to politicians, especially ones who violate the law.” The courts have a history of striking down Obama’s attempts to “fundamentally transform” the nation because he has a reputation of not following the proper channels. There’s a case that he hacked the process to regulate the Internet too.

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