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How Can Hillary Take on Trump?

Nothing she can hit him with will stick.

Nate Jackson · Mar. 17, 2016

We’ve written on more than one occasion that Donald Trump is the weakest GOP contender in a head-to-head match-up with Hillary Clinton. The reasons are simple: Trump has deep and faithful support, but it’s not wide, and his opposition is just as deep and faithful. Voters view him more negatively than any other presidential contender since such things were tracked. He’s going to lose blacks and Hispanics — the latter maybe worse than Mitt Romney did.

But there’s a wild card: disaffected white Democrats. We’ve also noted that many Democrats are crossing the aisle to vote for Trump. It’s possible that some number of them are doing so because they want to help choose a beatable opponent for their own incredibly weak frontrunner. Yet there have to be a large number of blue-collar Democrats who don’t want Clinton’s job-destroying policies, and who just plain don’t trust her.

More important, though, is this essential question: How can Clinton successfully attack Trump?

What’s she going to hit him with? His marital history? His ethics? His honesty? His wealth? His Wall Street connections? His politically incorrect ways? On every one of those issues, one of two things applies: Her record is either as bad as or worse than his, or he’s managed to turn a “weakness” into a strength. Nothing may typify the latter better than his politically incorrect demeanor. Surely vast swaths of working class Democrats are tired of bowing to Clinton-style “progressive” thought control, and they find Trump’s unfiltered presentation a breath of fresh air. We have to admit — a Trump-Clinton debate would be reality TV worth watching.

On a final note, we guarantee Democrats aren’t going to underestimate Trump the way establishment Republicans did.

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