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Hillary Clinton Sure Is Funny

Racist jokes are the best. If you're a Democrat.

Culture Beat · Apr. 12, 2016

Expect this little skit to hurt Hillary Clinton in the minority-dominated New York Democrat primary next week. Clinton joined New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio on the stage of an annual Big Apple press dinner to crack a few political jokes in the boring, rehearsed presentation politicians do. But boring turned painful when de Blasio made what some are calling a racist joke.

Clinton had just walked onto the stage after de Blasio “rapped” (what he was doing shouldn’t actually be called rapping) his endorsement of Clinton. “I just have to say, thanks for the endorsement, Bill. Took you long enough,” Clinton jabbed.

“Sorry, Hillary, I was running on C.P. time,” de Blasio replied in a clearly rehearsed line. The audience gasped. “C.P.” time is short for “colored people” time, stereotyping blacks as being late.

“Cautious politician time,” Clinton quipped, delivering the tripped-up punchline. “I’ve been there.”

Clinton and deBlasio faced criticism left and right. “That’s not — I don’t like jokes like that, Bill,” said Leslie Odom Jr., the black star of the Broadway hit “Hamilton,” who was standing to the right of Clinton. Salon call the joke “cringeworthy.” Townhall said it was “absolutely painful,” and asserted, “It’s only racist if Republicans do it.”

Maybe deBlasio and Clinton — the definition of the New York liberal elite — thought they could get away with the joke since they’re Democrats who are the very definition of “tolerance.” But just imagine Ted Cruz or Donald Trump attempting such humor.

Clinton has been relying on the support of minorities. Yet she’s proven with her sharp disregard for Black Lives Matter protesters and her husband’s defense of his 1994 crime bill that she’s alienating at least a portion of that demographic. Furthermore, “C.P. time” is hardly an empowering phrase regarding people who have been sidelined on Democrats’ urban poverty plantations.

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