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Why Half of Voters Support Hillary's Run

Two words: Bill Clinton.

Nate Jackson · Jun. 1, 2016

Will Hillary Clinton be indicted for her email subterfuge? Last week’s inspector general report sure confirms that would be a fitting result. But the decision ultimately lies with Barack Obama’s Justice Department and Attorney General Loretta Lynch. You can guess the likelihood of Lynch indicting her party’s likely presidential nominee. (Though the wild card is how much Obama wants a Biden-Warren ticket instead.)

Either way, what do voters think? According to Rasmussen, “Most continue to believe likely Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton is a lawbreaker, but half of all voters also say a felony indictment shouldn’t stop her campaign for the presidency.” Despite the fact that 65% say she likely broke the law, 48% say the scandal will have “no impact on their vote,” and only 25% think she’ll actually be indicted. We already know the Clintons always put themselves first, so there’s no chance she’d step aside willingly. With numbers like this, why should Crooked Hillary give up now?

Wall Street Journal columnist William McGurn has the most likely explanation for this polling phenomenon: “[B]y refusing to resign after being caught out in an affair with an intern, President Bill Clinton successfully lowered the bar for would-be President Hillary. … In this brave new world, even perjury turned out not to be a crime when Bill Clinton did it, because it was about sex. Today the No Crime/No Foul defense defines the case for Mrs. Clinton. … For so long as a criminal conviction is presented as the only possible disqualification for running for president, Mrs. Clinton will remain viable even if she does get indicted.”

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