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Leftmedia Declare Clinton the Winner

The Democrat machine must have gotten tired of waiting.

Political Editors · Jun. 7, 2016

The Democrat machine must have gotten tired of waiting. On Monday evening, the Associated Press reported that superdelegates pledging their support over the weekend brought Hillary Clinton’s delegate count to 2,383 — enough to clinch the nomination at the convention in July. Clinton is pivoting from her race against socialist candidate Bernie Sanders and has been attacking Donald Trump, including in a phony foreign policy speech last week. Barack Obama started rumblings that he was (finally) going to endorse his former secretary of state after California, New Jersey and four other states hold their primaries. The endorsement could come as early as Wednesday, when Obama is scheduled to speak at a Democrat fundraiser in New York and tape an appearance on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.”

An Obama endorsement may be all it takes to ensure Clinton doesn’t lose the FBI primary.

Party elites essentially rigged the primary process. Party of democracy, eh? For Clinton supporters, the candidate doesn’t need their help. For Sanders supporters, what’s the use heading to the polls? As we’re writing this a few hours after the polls opened, the Sanders campaign is still struggling against the inevitable. Sanders failed to take his message of covetous socialism beyond white millennials and disgruntled hippies. Minorities instead supported Clinton. But Sanders still got enough traction to push Clinton and the Party’s platform further left.

While the mainstream media is celebrating the fact that Clinton has become the first woman presidential candidate in a major party, commentator Mollie Hemingway has a different take: This is the “First time the presumptive nominee of a major party is the spouse of an impeached, disbarred president.” Clinton’s also the subject of a federal investigation, likewise a first for a presidential nominee. Warm fuzzies all around.

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