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The Pentagon's New Transsexual Manual

Obama's social engineering of the military continues apace.

Thomas Gallatin · Jul. 19, 2016

Commanding officers in the U.S. military must be wondering if they have entered bizarro world after receiving the latest procedural manual from the Pentagon — the sex-change manual. In the midst of all the challenges the U.S. military faces, from budget constraints to the continued war in Afghanistan and the fight against terrorism, the most challenging and outright absurd is that of Barack Obama’s social engineering via his recent order to end the ban on transgendered service members.

The Washington Times reports, “Commanders must hold training sessions to indoctrinate troops on transgender issues and nondiscrimination.” As to the reason for this new manual, Defense Secretary Ashton Carter said, “We have transgender soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines — real, patriotic Americans — who I know are being hurt by an outdated, confusing, inconsistent approach that’s contrary to our value of service and individual merit.”

Retired Army officer Robert Maginnis responded that Carter is “delusional if he believes our military needs transgenders/transsexuals to remain in the ‘finest fighting force in the world.’” On the contrary, Maginnis said, “Transsexuals suffer from more psychiatric pathologies than the general population, and active suicide ideation and major depression episodes occur more frequently within this group.” He continued, “Creating a bureaucracy to sort out transgender issues will go down in the history of our Armed Forces as the worst waste of defense dollars ever.”

Not only a waste of money, it will be a waste of time as a person deemed to have gender dysphoria will need an extended leave time of stability of 18 months after completing medical treatment. Pentagon spokesman Eric Pahon stated, “We have transgender members in the military services today. We believe that we have the same obligation to them that we have to our other service members. Allowing these transgender individuals to serve openly does not bring new medical problems into the military. It brings these medical problems into the open and enables us to treat them in a way that promotes the readiness of the force.”

Obama is more committed to “transforming” the U.S. military into a socially engineered puppet designed to further his agenda of fundamentally transforming the country rather than in providing the needed funding and support allowing them the means of successfully fulfilling the role for which they were originally established — the defense of the United States.

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