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Right Hooks

A Tale of Two Ships

Part of Obama's continued push to fundamentally transform the military.

National Security Desk · Jul. 29, 2016
USS Harvey C. Barnum Jr.

The Navy has a long history of honoring great Americans by naming ships after them. Recently the Navy endowed this honor on retired Marine Col. Harvey Barnum, a Medal of Honor recipient. Barnum was one of only two MoH recipients to be denied a ceremony at the White House because of all the negativity surrounding the Vietnam War at the time. It’s fitting that the USS Harvey C. Barnum Jr. be named in his honor, especially recognizing his acts of valor in serving our nation in the field of battle.

Conversely, Navy Secretary Ray Mabus, continuing the Obama administration’s homosexual constituency appeasement, announced another ship naming that is disgraceful. A John-Lewis class oiler will be named for Harvey Milk, a Korean War Navy vet and homosexual activist. Milk was murdered in 1978 in San Francisco, and became a martyr for the homosexual movement. In 2009, Barack Obama posthumously bestowed upon Milk the highest civilian award — the Presidential Medal of Freedom — and in 2014, had the USPS issue a postage stamp his honor. What Obama did not mention at either ceremony is that Milk was a predatory pedophile, and his relationship with young boys was documented by his homosexual biographer and close friend Randy Shilts, who died of AIDS in 1994.

Two ships. One named in honor a genuine heroic Patriot, and the other to honor a homosexual’s activism. Obama, Hillary Clinton and their leftist cadres — none of whom have ever spent a day serving our country with honor, or in uniform — keep leaving their putrid stench wherever it will create the greatest offense.

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