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Judge Laments That Transgenderism Isn't Codified

When the judiciary becomes part of the Rainbow Mafia.

Culture Beat · Aug. 2, 2016

The stench of the “new morality” continues to rise from the spreading of its gangrenous ideal of moral relativism that is effectively eroding away any ethical morals on which our nation once securely stood. What was once esteemed as right, true and virtuous is now considered to be intolerant, bigoted and backward.

Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Ilana Rover, who was appointed by George H.W. Bush, recently lamented over the Supreme Court having not fully codified transgenderism. In a ruling on an anti-discrimination case, Rover stated, “It seems unlikely that our society can continue to condone a legal structure in which employees can be fired, harassed, demeaned, singled out for undesirable tasks, paid lower wages, demoted, passed over for promotions, and otherwise discriminated against solely based on who they date, love, or marry.”

What Judge Rover is calling for is a significant change in the laws of the land so that these “old” morals will be discriminated against and replaced in favor of the new “morality.” These progressive laws will not only prevent discrimination against the new “morality” they will be designed to fundamentally transform society through the effective silencing of opposition. And those who do not join in the Rainbow Mafia’s moral crusade will at best be legally discriminated against and at worst be punished until conformity is achieved. Hello 1984.

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