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Memo to Trump: You Don't Control the Script

Trump is, truly, his own worst enemy.

Mark Alexander · Aug. 4, 2016

Donald Trump‘s family and senior advisers are conducting an intervention of sorts this week, endeavoring to convince him to stay on message — the Obama-Clinton economy and foreign policy. Can he do it?

I wrote yesterday about Trump’s pathological propensity for being his own worst enemy. Since Trump announced his presidential candidacy, no week has passed when he has not said something thoughtless, if not “yugely” absurd, which derails political momentum targeting the Obama-Clinton economy and foreign policy. His endless loop of unforced gaffes send all of his handlers and backers into damage control mode — and his endorsers into some state of buyer’s remorse.

Why is this the case? For 10 years prior to his candidacy announcement, Trump hosted his successful reality show “The Apprentice.” For all those years, he controlled the script — what did and did not make it to air. It seems that Trump has yet to figure out that he has NO control over the script of his “Make America Great Again” reality show, other than controlling what he says. His unfiltered off-script ramblings are often tactless when not outright asinine, unlike the politically astute Hillary Clinton, whose remarks are always cunning and calculated. Whether on stump speeches, or when he takes media bait, there is no filter between Trump’s stream of consciousness and any live microphone (or social media feed) in his proximity. And he has yet to grasp the concept, “When you find yourself in a hole, stop digging.” Consequently, the endless cycle of his inane insults is the greatest obstacle to recruiting enough voters from #NeverTrump to #NeverClinton in order for him to win.

Trump is, truly, his own worst enemy, and if he wins in November, it will be on Clinton’s plethora of weaknesses, not his strengths.

It is not too late for Trump’s family and advisers to rein him in. But if he will not stop diverting from his message with nonsense like kicking a mother and baby out of a rally, then he can pack it up and go home now.

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