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Clinton's Illegal Campaign

As illegal immigrant numbers increase, Hillary courts their campaign support.

Thomas Gallatin · Aug. 16, 2016

Throughout Barack Obama’s presidency, he has sought only the expansion of illegal immigration. That’s evident again in this year’s number of illegals crossing into the U.S. — it has already surpassed last year’s total. What’s fueling this increase has been attributed both to violence in Central America and the hope of amnesty from Obama’s immigration policies. Last month, Obama announced several new programs aimed at allowing children and their extended relatives to apply for permission to pass into the U.S. from their home countries, in an attempt to stem the flow through Mexico and across the border. It appears that this policy has proved to be an invitation to yet more illegal immigrants.

In light of this ever growing problem, Hillary Clinton has taken the side of illegals. She started a new strategy of getting the Hispanic vote called the “Mi Sueño, Tu Voto” (“My Dream, Your Vote”). This strategy seeks to “mobilize” illegal immigrants — specifically, so-called “Dreamers” who Obama targeted for amnesty — to pressure Hispanic citizens to vote for Hillary. That’s right, Hillary is recruiting those who have no right to be in America to campaign for her election.

Oh, and there’s this from the Washington Free Beacon: “An illegal immigrant who was tapped by the Hillary Clinton campaign for a new effort to register Latino voters is tied to a multi-million dollar voter registration effort funded by George Soros.”

So why is she courting the Hispanic vote so hard? It may be that Hillary has already written off winning the white working class voter. Predictably, it’s the one demographic Hillary is currently not winning. Trump is leading among white men, who make up the majority of the blue-collar working class. When Hillary trumpets the desires of illegal immigrants over and against the concerns of millions of American citizens, is it any wonder that the majority of hard-working, tax-paying, blue-collar Americans don’t support her?


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