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Is Segregation Now OK?

Colleges provide separate housing and special welcomes for black students.

Culture Beat · Sep. 8, 2016

At California State University, Los Angeles, segregation has come full circle. No, this isn’t 1950s Alabama, but 2016 California, a bastion of “progressivism.” The university is justifying dormitory segregation on the basis of it being the best way to combat “microaggressions” and “racially insensitive remarks.” CSLA opted for this newly “inclusive” racially segregated housing at the request of the CSLA’s Black Student Union. Evidently, “separate but equal” isn’t considered segregation if it’s requested by black students.

A similar story has arisen on the campus of Northern Kentucky University where a poster for “Welcome Black Week” was parodied by a “Welcome White Week” flier. The parody flier advertised such events as “White Lives Matter vs. Black Lives Matter” and “Pizza Party for Tolerance.” The “Welcome Black Week” is an event that has been established on several campuses across the nation in recent years. Its objective is to help introduce incoming freshman to the black experience. Of course, the parody flier has prompted cries of racism and intolerance, so the NKU administration has dutifully launched an investigation to root out those responsible. Which leaves one to wonder: Is promoting racial segregation now the hip new trend for leftists?

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