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Generosity Is Not Political

A new study finds that rich Democrats aren't all that altruistic.

Culture Beat · Oct. 6, 2016

A recent study conducted by professors from UC-Berkeley, Boston University, Yale Law School and University of Maryland concluded that rich Democrats are no more concerned about income inequality than are rich Republicans. As “birds of a feather flock together,” so too it appears do those in various social-economic demographics, especially those of an economically “elite” status. The study showed that the great motivating factor for generosity was the degree to which the giving was tangible in significantly helping. This is an important insight; people are less motivated to give if they see little results from their giving. It’s also why socialism ultimately fails.

Even wealthy Democrats — a.k.a. people with resources in the Party That Cares™ — don’t like to give their hard earned money away to the government, unless of course they can control how it gets spent. Government’s reputation for lacking efficiency and effective oversight creates a culture of distrust. When the average middle-class citizen complains about how the government is spending tax dollars, one can assume that the wealthy, who inevitably pay more taxes, would have an even greater interest in how their tax dollars are spent. This reality may factor into why the wealthy often give to charities and engage in various philanthropic causes rather than just ponying up to the government. Clearly, they understand that the former is a more effective use of their money than the latter.

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