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Pelosi and Clinton: Two Peas in a Pod

The Democrat Party continues to protect stale and corrupt leadership.

Jordan Candler · Nov. 14, 2016

When it comes to Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton, Democrats have gone out of their way to ensure the two are shielded from political derailment. For 40 years, the Clintons have cunningly avoided the consequences of numerous scandals that would have swallowed up Republican incumbents. Miraculously, Hillary was finally dealt a politically fatal blow last week when her dream of breaking the glass ceiling was shattered. But as far as Pelosi is concerned, at least some Democrats will continue to protect the House minority leader despite her terrible record on Capitol Hill.

The Washington Post writes, “House Democrats close to Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) are circulating a letter within the Democratic Women’s Caucus pledging support for the California Democrat to remain House Democratic leader amid growing frustration at the party’s disastrous showing in Tuesday’s election. The letter, written by Rep. Doris Matsui (D-Calif.), says that Pelosi helped Democrats achieve ‘historic progress in the lives of women, workers, students, veterans, seniors and LGBT Americans,’ according to a copy of it obtained by the Washington Post. As of Friday afternoon 40 of the 54 women had signed the letter, according to aides.”

The Post adds, “The letter comes as Pelosi’s allies are furiously working to defend her job as minority leader in the wake of smaller-than-expected gains for House Democrats in Tuesday’s elections that saw the victory of Donald Trump and a continuation of the Senate GOP majority.” So why the effort to protect a repeat failure?

“Normally, House Speakers who lose the majority find that they have a pressing need to spend more time with their families,” observes Hot Air’s Ed Morrissey. “Not Nancy Pelosi; after the Tea Party wave crashed the four-year House Democratic majority and gave the GOP control 242-193, her backers insisted they needed her skills to win it back in the friendlier presidential-race environment. She booted that too; Republicans won that night 234-201 despite Barack Obama winning re-election over Mitt Romney. In 2014, Pelosi lost 247-188, even worse than in 2010, and barely improved on Tuesday with a 239-193 beating — after suggesting that Democrats were in position to challenge for the majority.”

It was Republicans who were on the cusp of a huge defeat; instead, the Democrat Party is now in the midst of a political crisis, in large part because of its stale and corrupt leadership. A revolt is brewing among party members, many of whom think it’s time to replace Pelosi with a fresh face. We should know on Thursday whether Pelosi will continue to represent the House Democrat Party. If she does, it shows that the DNC didn’t learn anything last Tuesday. Hillary Clinton met her fate last week. Let’s hope Nancy Pelosi joins her.

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