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Media Polling — Opiate of the Masses

More polling by the Leftmedia as it seeks to dictate national policy.

Political Editors · Nov. 18, 2016

Fresh off a year’s worth of incessant “media pollaganda,” media polls being used to dictate public opinion rather than survey public opinion, the Leftmedia continues the pace. Unbowed after having been consistently off in its presidential polling, The Washington Post now tells us that 59% of Americans believe Donald Trump should “compromise with Democrats when they strongly disagree with the specifics of his policy proposals.” According to the poll, only 29% think that Trump has a mandate for his agenda. Remember all those polls released by the Post back in 2008 revealing that 59% of Americans thought Barack Obama should compromise with Republicans. No? Well, neither do we.

Meanwhile, Gallup released a poll showing that 51% say they are “more confident” in Trump than 40% who said they are less. The numbers for George W. Bush in 2000 and Bill Clinton in 1992 were 54% and 53%, respectively, so Trump is pretty much on equal footing with those “establishment” guys.

Finally, a post-election poll from the Media Research Center may be the most telling. According to those surveyed, 69% of U.S. voters “do not believe the news media are honest and truthful.” Yes, the Leftmedia really blew it in their campaign coverage, so the only surprise is that the distrust isn’t higher than 69%.

Never before has the media’s lack of journalistic integrity been so patently obvious. Combined with its shamelessly socialist worldview, the fourth estate has created a strong majority of media skeptics.

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