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Backstabbing After Hillary's Loss

Campaign staff turn on each other in seeking to explain the election loss.

Political Editors · Dec. 16, 2016

Inevitably, failure to achieve a goal is often followed by a period of questioning, second guessing and maybe even accusations. Currently, the Hillary Clinton campaign team find themselves still seeking answers to questions they thoroughly believed they would never have to answer. After Clinton’s stunning election loss, some Team Hillary members have turned on each other. Vanity Fair recently reported on Clinton’s closest adviser, Huma Abedin, quoting another staffer saying, “[Abedin] was enjoying the red carpet and enjoying the photo spreads much too much in my opinion. She enjoyed being a celebrity too much.”

A story in Politico noted how several Clinton staffers blamed Robby Mook and his campaign “model” as it evidently became something of a standard by which the campaign determined various strategy decisions. Examples were cited of spending too much time in Democrat strongholds such as New Orleans and Chicago and yet ignoring states like Wisconsin and Michigan that she ended up losing.

Then there are those wealthy Democrat donors, some of whom are demanding answers and others who have become disillusioned supposedly to the point of leaving politics altogether. This may be understandable as Hillary’s campaign raised well over a billion dollars and yet lost.

While all these reasons certainly contributed in some degree to her loss, nothing can change the fact that the biggest hurdle for the campaign was Hillary herself. It would be difficult for any campaign to overcome what many Americans saw as one of the most disliked, legally compromised and untrustworthy candidates in the nation’s history. America just didn’t buy what Team Hillary was selling. And now, team members are stabbing each other in the back over it. That’s the Clintons for you though — their failures and scandals are always someone else’s fault.

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