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Obama's Losing Victory Lap

His arrogance knows no bounds.

Nate Jackson · Jan. 3, 2017

The arrogance of Barack Obama knows no bounds. Despite seeing his party completely decimated by the 2016 elections (not to mention 2014 and 2010), Obama couldn’t resist yet another victory lap on his way out the door. Over the Christmas holiday, Obama boasted, “I am confident in [my] vision because I’m confident that if I — if I had run again and articulated it — I think I could’ve mobilized a majority of the American people to rally behind it.” Translation: Hillary Clinton really blew it, but Obama would’ve beaten Donald Trump.

The thing to remember is that all throughout the presidential race, Obama actively campaigned for Clinton, telling voters that though he wasn’t on the ballot his policies were. Voters responded accordingly, yet he now insists that his presence would’ve changed the results.

To continue this theme, Obama used his final weekly address of 2016 to recount all the ways in which he’s blessed America: He saved jobs and the auto industry, as well as brought marriage “equality.” Abroad, he killed Osama bin Laden, ended the war in Iraq, drew down from Afghanistan, made the greatest deal ever with Iran and became best friends with Raul Castro. As he walks out the door, he’s effectively saying, “You’re welcome, America.”

But again, the reality is that the economy has struggled through a record stretch of sub-3% growth thanks to his redistributive policies. Religious liberty is in jeopardy courtesy of the Rainbow Mafia’s marriage win. And the Middle East is a disaster thanks to his malfeasance. Not that he’ll ever admit it, but by electing Trump, America said, “Thanks Obama, but no thanks.”

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