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The Increasing Hysteria of the Unhinged Left

They'll do anything to delegitimize Trump.

Arnold Ahlert · Jan. 16, 2017

If their conduct since the election is any indication, the Unhinged Left will be afflicting America with four to eight years of increasingly loathsome behavior. Along with their equally contemptible media collaborators, they have made it clear their sole mission is to delegitimize Donald Trump and his supporters by any means necessary.

We begin with Hollywood celebrities. They have released three PSAs, one urging the Electoral College to revolt, another urging Congress not to certify the Electoral College vote, and a third containing the song, “I Will Survive.” Thus, when they’re not busy trying to undermine the election outcome, they’re assuring Americans they’ll manage to get by. Such self-righteous preening by a bunch of arrogant, self-aggrandizing multi-millionaire snowflakes who will never experience a scintilla of the hopelessness or economic deprivation that drove millions of Americans to vote for Trump is pathetic.

Equally pathetic is Hollywood’s effort to push their “Trump and his supports are racist” agenda on ABC’s “Black-ish” sitcom, Communist Cuba supporting Michael Moore’s promise to be “busy busy busy” leading “100 days of resistance” against him, and the utterly apoplectic Rosie O'Donnell expressing her support for the imposition of martial law “UNTIL TRUMP IS ‘CLEARED’ OF ALL CHARGES,” she tweeted in all caps.

Academia piles on as well, courtesy of Chris Edelson, assistant professor of government in American University’s School of Public Affairs. Edelson asserts “the presidential election we just held was delegitimized by foreign interference,” and that the only remedy is to “pass a constitutional amendment requiring a one-time special election to be held as soon as possible.”

Moving on to politicians, a cadre of Democrat whiners are boycotting the inauguration, led by Rep. John Lewis (D-GA) who insists Trump is not a “legitimate president.” While Lewis is a legitimate a civil rights icon, he is also a legitimate race-baiter, as his claim of being he called “nigger” by Tea Party protesters on Capitol Hill in 2010 following the passage of ObamaCare was undone by a video showing it never happened.

What drives these fever-swampers? The unsubstantiated BuzzFeed story, or as The Wall Street Journal’s Kimberley Strassel put it, “a turbocharged example of the smear strategy that the left has been ramping up for a decade,” alleging Trump paid prostitutes to urinate on a bed previously used by Barack and Michelle Obama in the presidential suite at the Ritz-Carlton hotel in Moscow. An incident secretly taped by Vladimir Putin, who will use it to blackmail Trump in the future. BuzzFeed, partially owned by NBC, admitted it had no evidence whatsoever to back up the story, and its editor Ben Smith stated, “There is serious reason to doubt the allegations.”

No kidding. This story has been around for months, and even the always reliable Trump-bashers at the New York Times passed on the “totally unsubstantiated” allegations, as editor Dean Baquet put it. Nonetheless BuzzFeed decided to publish it — no doubt by “sheer coincidence” the day before Trump’s first press conference — excusing it by saying it was “so that Americans can make up their own minds about allegations about the president-elect that have circulated at the highest levels of the US government.”

Journalist Carl Bernstein epitomizes the twisted leftist mindset at work here. “Let’s talk about what reporting is,” he stated. “It’s the best obtainable version of the truth.” Apparently for Carl and his equally compromised colleagues, truth is no longer objective — which is why the Leftmedia has relentlessly driven the equivalent of another “hands up, don’t shoot” narrative: without Russian hacking, Hillary Clinton would be president.

As low as the media have stooped, the Obama administration has stooped even lower. According to Israel’s Ynet News, American intelligence officials warned their Israeli counterparts not to trust Trump with intelligence secrets, because they believed Putin had “leverages of pressure” on Trump that seemingly referred to the BuzzFeed revelations. U.S. officials didn’t elaborate, but noted Israelis should “be careful as of January 20, Trump’s inauguration date, when transferring intelligence information to the White House and to the National Security Council (NSC), which is subject to the president,” the paper stated.

How this story meshes with Director of National Intelligence James Clapper’s phone call to Trump, denouncing the “false and fictitious” claims in the BuzzFeed story, and his insistence the leak did not come from the intelligence community, is anyone’s guess. Clapper, who has previously stated he gave Congress the “least untruthful” answer when asked if the NSA was spying on Americans, and has resigned rather than serve under Trump, is hardly a paragon of integrity. And despite the calculated indifference of the media, Clapper’s assertion is contradicted by an NBC story that cited a “senior U.S. intelligence official” who delivered the network info on Russian hacking before the president-elect got to see it.

Is the intelligence community politicized? Given an Obama administration that has overtly politicized the DOJ, the FBI, the IRS and the EPA, it’s not an unreasonable assumption — even for the Senate’s Democrat minority leader. “Let me tell you, you take on the intelligence community, they have six ways from Sunday to get back at you,” stated Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY). “So, even for a practical, supposedly hard-nosed businessman, [Trump] is being really dumb to do this.”

Dumb? Apparently for a hack like Schumer, the intelligence community should be immune to criticism — otherwise it’s apparently OK for American agents to undermine an American president-elect.

All of this is cannon fodder for perpetually aggrieved leftists promising to “shut down” the inauguration with a host of activities unified by a common theme of preventing “the peaceful transition of power,” declared #DisruptJ20 organizer Legba Carrefour during a press conference in Washington, DC. “We need to stop this kind of fascist government from coming to power.” Apparently the searing irony that attempting to disrupt the peaceful transfer of power in our constitutional republic is itself the essence of fascism is lost on these social justice juveniles.

“For now, all we know is that a madness has been set loose in America and there is no reason to believe we have seen the last attempt to destroy Donald Trump,” writes columnist Michael Goodwin.

Not madness. “The more that progressives have failed to win political arguments, the more they have turned to underhanded tactics to shut down their political opponents,” Strassel explains.

The 2016 election has engendered a national catharsis. So many progressives who claimed to worship at the altars of tolerance and diversity have been revealed as the emotionally immature and intellectually hypocritical frauds they truly are. Better still, their holier-than-thou genie can never be stuffed back in the bottle. More Americans than ever now know progressives believe they are entitled to maintain power win or lose — irrespective of elections and the Constitution.

And absent an epiphany, their plight will likely worsen. So many leftists have made it clear there is no end to the manipulations they will pursue to put “bitter clinging deplorables” back in their place.

Thus the road to political irrelevancy beckons — along with the horrifying possibility they may no longer be taken seriously. Nothing unhinges the Unhinged Left more than that.

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