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Just How Much Voting Fraud Does Exist?

Leftmedia calls Trump's voter fraud claims false, but offers no contrary evidence.

Thomas Gallatin · Jan. 26, 2017

One of an American citizen’s most important rights and privileges is the right to vote. Year after year across the nation, Americans gather to express their voice via the ballot box. It’s as American as apple pie. It unites and divides and is responsible for stirring up some of the most contentious arguments and debates between Americans of all stripes. Politicians have made a profession of attempting to navigate this minefield of explosive issues and opinions in the hopes of convincing a majority to see things their way. The right to vote, too often taken for granted, is the single most powerful and sacred right of an American citizen. That Liberty is why so many heroic Americans have fought and died. It’s no cheap thing, and yet too many see it as worthless.

Early this week Donald Trump leveled the claim that three to five million illegal votes were cast during this past election, and he has called for an investigation into voter fraud. That stunning accusation — stunning only for the high numbers claimed — predictably brought howls of outrage from the Leftmedia, which lambasted Trump for yet more fake news and baseless claims. Hypocritically, the Leftmedia offered no evidence to prove that Trump’s accusation was “baseless.”

And it’s not as if there are no facts supporting at least the need for a greater investigation into voter fraud, as several recent lawsuits brought by the Public Interest Legal Foundation demonstrate. In fact, why did the government see fit to pass the National Voting Registration Act of 1993 if it wasn’t intended to combat potential voting fraud? In other words, it would be ridiculous to assert that voter fraud didn’t happen. The real question is just how bad of a problem it is. If no comprehensive investigations are done, then the argument merely continues to be the spitting contest it currently has become.

It’s rather dubious for the Leftmedia to call out Trump as a liar and yet argue against investigating his claims. The truth is, the Leftmedia isn’t interested in knowing the actual number of illegal immigrants who voted or how many votes dead people cast or how many individuals voted multiple times. So long as official data is unavailable, leftists can continue to claim voter fraud is really not a problem — that it’s simply the boogie man conservatives like to drag up as a political scare tactic designed to disenfranchise minority voters. The Leftmedia’s stance essentially cheapens the unique privilege of American citizenship.

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