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Democrats' Problem With Muslim IT Guys

Unauthorized access of sensitive computer information.

Nate Jackson · Feb. 11, 2017

Four information technology (IT) employees, brothers Abid, Imran and Jamal Awan, and Imran’s wife Hina, were recently fired from their positions working for members of House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence. The crime: unauthorized access of congressional computers. In other words, they were hacking, and they would likely have had access to sensitive intelligence information. One of the congressional members whose computer they accessed was Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, a central figure in the DNC hacking that was allegedly perpetrated by the Russians. Was there any relation between their access and the Russian hacking?

All of them were paid $160,000 per year or more, which is far higher than most IT professionals. Yet the four have a history of suspicious financial schemes, and have massive amounts of debt — a red flag for anyone working with sensitive intelligence information. Abid also had a DUI before his hiring and a public drunkenness charge after it.

But they’re Muslim, which possibly explains their hiring. Don’t underestimate the irony of Democrats being hacked by their own Muslim diversity hires. Stay tuned, because this story could get bigger.

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