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What's With All the Flynn Flam?

There are questions regarding the truthfulness of Trump's national security advisor.

Thomas Gallatin · Feb. 13, 2017

Democrats and their mainstream media accomplices came out over the weekend calling for National Security Advisor Michael Flynn’s security clearance to be either suspended or revoked due to questions swirling around his pre-inauguration meeting with Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak. At the time, Flynn denied discussing with the ambassador any of the sanctions Barack Obama had implemented against Russia in retaliation for its hacking of the DNC. And no less than Vice President Mike Pence publicly vouched for Flynn in TV interviews, reinforcing his assertion that the sanctions were never discussed.

Late last week, however, Flynn walked back the denial and now concedes that sanctions were discussed with the Russian ambassador. While the Democrats have made much hay over the sanctions having been discussed, the more worrisome issue is actually Flynn’s untruthfulness. As Rich Lowry noted, “I have never understood why it would be inappropriate, let [alone] illegal, for the incoming National Security Advisor to talk to the Russian ambassador. … [But] the truthfulness of Flynn’s account is another matter. If Flynn misled Vice President Pence about the content of his discussions, knowing that Pence would go out and repeat a misleading version to the public, that’s obviously very troubling.”

Since Democrats and the Leftmedia have made it their stated objective to resist and obstruct Donald Trump’s agenda at every turn, it’s tempting to assume every issue they protest is simply political gamesmanship and essentially a non-issue. However, in this case there appears to be just cause for concern. If Flynn did indeed lie to the vice president, among others, then it’s a serious enough offense to warrant Trump’s consideration of firing Flynn. Trump is reportedly favorably disposed to Flynn, but his silence on the issue may be a hint that he is seriously considering a change.

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