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Clinton Chose Symbolism Over Substance

Another study exposes just how shallow Hillary Clinton's campaign was.

Political Editors · Mar. 9, 2017

Wesleyan University recently released a study it conducted on the two presidential candidates’ campaigns. Researchers compared each candidate’s percentage of discussions that were policy based versus personally focused, and the results proved to be rather surprising given the popular public perception of each candidate. The study found that, by a significant margin, Donald Trump was the candidate most inclined to speak on policy issues, whereas Hillary Clinton spent far less time on policy and much more on both her and her opponent’s personality or “qualifications.”

Some $845 million was spent on campaign ads, with Clinton spending nearly two-thirds more than Trump. Hillary’s ads primarily focused on two things: exploiting Trump’s many cringe-worthy comments and attempting to humanize her own image.

This study, as with the gender switching presidential debate exercise, continue to expose just how bad a candidate Hillary proved to be. While the Leftmedia and Democrats continue to play up the unsubstantiated Russian interference as the main reason for Clinton’s defeat, once again the reality is that Hillary was a highly compromised and unlikeable candidate. She offered nothing new or inspiring to the American people, only more of the failing status quo. The truth is Hillary was never the most qualified person to ever run for the presidency, but she may have been one of the most distrusted and disliked.

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