Wednesday Short Cuts

Mar. 22, 2017

Insight: “The world is governed more by appearance than realities so that it is fully as necessary to seem to know something as to know it.” —Daniel Webster (1782-1852)

Upright: “The Book of Exodus says, regarding judges, ‘Do not follow the majority for evil. … Do not glorify a destitute person in his grievance.’ And, in Deuteronomy, ‘You shall not pervert judgment, you shall not respect persons, and not take a bribe.’ What really bothers liberals is that the original text of our Constitution is rooted in an even higher source — the Judge of our judges. At the conclusion of the Declaration of Independence, the founders appealed ‘to the Supreme Judge of the World for the Rectitude of our Intentions.’ Judge Neil Gorsuch will extract our law from the whims of politicians. His appointment to the Supreme Court is an important step to ‘make America great again.’” —Star Parker

Non Compos Mentis: “There’s a cloud now hanging over the head of the president, and while that’s happening — to have a lifetime appointment made by this president seems very unseemly and there ought to be a delay.” —Chuck Schumer

Legacy: “President Obama was the president of the United States until just a matter of a [few] weeks ago. I don’t think he can be dismissed as the leader of the Democratic Party.” —Nancy Pelosi

Late-night humor: “There were … several March Madness upsets this weekend, with Wisconsin taking out top overall seed Villanova, and Michigan beating Louisville. I haven’t seen Wisconsin and Michigan knock out the favorite since … the election.” —Jimmy Fallon

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