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The Democrat Went Down in Georgia

They were looking for a House seat to steal. They were in a bind and way behind, and willing to make a deal.

Nate Jackson · Apr. 19, 2017

Democrats failed to pull off a win in a special House election in Kansas’ 4th District last week, so surely they’d do better in Georgia’s 6th District. They poured in more than $8 million on a single candidate to face a divided Republican field of 11 candidates. This was their chance to Send Trump a Message™.

Or not.

Instead, it was reminiscent of that great Charlie Daniels song — “The Devil went down to Georgia, He was looking for a soul to steal, He was in a bind, ‘cause he was way behind, He was willing to make a deal.” That didn’t end well for the devil, and it didn’t work out for Democrats either.

Democrat Jon Ossoff’s 48.1% bested Hillary Clinton’s 46.8%, but he failed to reach the requisite 50% of the vote to avoid a runoff. The Leftmedia was so convinced Ossoff had it in the bag they had live, breathless coverage of the results. Today, they’re spinning that “Republicans avoided an embarrassing defeat.”

Republican Karen Handel, former Georgia secretary of state and county commissioner of Fulton County, will face Ossoff in a runoff on June 20. Handel led the GOP field with just 20%, but should have no trouble in a one-on-one matchup for the seat formerly held by Newt Gingrich, Johnny Isakson and Tom Price.

The humorous irony of the race was that Ossoff, the Democrats’ great Millennial hope, doesn’t live in the district and couldn’t even vote for himself. The truly important factor was that Democrats chose to nationalize the election and turn it into a referendum on Donald Trump. An astounding 95% of Ossoff’s money came from outside the district. Even Samuel L. Jackson cut an ad for Ossoff, declaring, “We have to channel the great vengeance and furious anger we have for this administration into votes at the ballot box.”

But Trump weighed in too, and House Speaker Paul Ryan’s super PAC was instrumental in holding off Ossoff. Voters know that Ossoff would align with an increasingly leftist party driven by coastal elites. And whether they like Trump or not, that’s not what most suburban Atlanta voters want.

(Editor’s Note: We don’t intend to count the chickens before they hatch. Handel still has to go out an win this one, as a certain “accomplished woman” failed to do against her inexperienced opponent in November. We do mean to say that Handel should be favored.)

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