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Clinton Comes Out of the Woods Yelling 'Onward Together!'

Hillary is attempting to anoint herself as the grand leader of the "resistance."

Political Editors · May 16, 2017

Some people just don’t know when to hang up the cleats. It’s for that reason Hillary Clinton is coming out of the woods, desperately trying to keep alive whatever political influence she has left in the form of a political action committee called Onward Together. Clinton officially unveiled the activist endeavor on Twitter, where she wrote, “The last few months, I’ve been reflecting, spending time with family — and, yes, taking walks in the woods. We’re launching Onward Together to encourage people to get involved, organize, and even run for office.” She concluded, “This year hasn’t been what I envisioned, but I know what I’m still fighting for: a kinder, big-hearted, inclusive America. Onward!”

Onward to what, exactly? According to the website’s mission declaration, “Onward Together is dedicated to advancing the vision that earned nearly 66 million votes in the last election. By encouraging people to organize, get involved, and run for office, Onward Together will advance progressive values and work to build a brighter future for generations to come.” Newsflash: Tens of millions of people didn’t see a brighter future (and rightfully so) under Hillary Clinton, which is why she remains a perpetual and begrudged aspirant to the presidency. As RNC spokesman Michael Ahrens retorted, “The American people rejected Hillary Clinton six months ago because she’s completely out-of-touch, untrustworthy, and embraced the failed policies of the past. If Democrats were smart, they’d realize it’s time to move onward from Hillary Clinton altogether.”

But Hillary won’t allow the party to move forward. In fact, she is attempting to anoint herself as the grand leader of the “resistance.” As Gary Bauer has noted, “The phrase was popularized in the 1940s by the men and women who fought against the Nazis in occupied Europe. Get it? We are now living in ‘occupied America’ and conservatives who support Trump are akin to Nazis. What did the resistance do? It blew things up and that is what the Left is trying to do now — blow up the election and, in the process, the country.” In this regard, Onward Together and the “resistance” couldn’t ask for a more experienced leader.

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