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Tuesday Opinion

May 23, 2017

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Opinion in Brief

Rich Lowry: “The Turkish government is obviously familiar with the concept of ‘chutzpah,’ if not necessarily the word. Ankara summoned the American ambassador to protest allegedly ‘aggressive and unprofessional actions’ by the Washington, DC, police. Their offense? Intervening after Turkish security personnel mauled peaceful protesters outside the Turkish ambassador’s residence in Washington last week. … The Turkish goons who punched and kicked people should be identified and charged with crimes. They are beyond our reach, either because they are back in Turkey or have diplomatic immunity. But we should ask for them to be returned and for their immunity to be waived. When these requests are inevitably refused, the Turkish ambassador to the U.S. (heard saying during the incident, ‘You cannot touch us’) should be expelled. Erdogan is crushing his opponents with impunity in Turkey. Reacting firmly to this attack at least will send the message, ‘Not in our house.’”

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