Is Hurricane Maria Trump's Katrina? Nope.

Leftmedia outlets hoped to label Trump's response to recent natural disasters a failure. Not so much.

Thomas Gallatin · Sep. 28, 2017

Hurricane Maria’s direct hit on Puerto Rico caused widespread devastation across the entire island. It left more than three million people without power as well as severely damaging infrastructure, making communication and transporting supplies across the island slow and difficult. In short, much of the island will literally need to be rebuilt. This is why the effects of hurricanes are termed “natural disasters.” But knowing that a powerful hurricane is approaching enables people and the government to better prepare for dealing with the aftereffects of a storm.

As with Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, Leftmedia elites were licking their lips at the apparent opportunity to blast Donald Trump and label these natural disasters as “Trump’s Katrina.” However, Trump proved up to the task as the federal government, along with everyday Americans — particularly faith-based groups — jumped to the task of helping out victims of the storms. Harvey and Irma have proved to highlight more the American spirit of self-reliance and neighborliness rather than the socialist ideal of government dependence.

Now as Puerto Rico recovers from Maria, the challenges are different. On Tuesday, Trump noted the challenge, stating, “It’s the most difficult job because it’s on the island. … You can’t just drive your trucks there from other states.” On Thursday, Trump waved the Jones Act, responding to a request by Puerto Rico’s governor to temporarily loosen restrictions on shipping from foreign countries in order to allow aid and supplies to flow more quickly and easily. Trump will also be visiting the island next week.

Clearly, Trump has navigated these natural disaster waters well. Interestingly, The Washington Post remains hopeful that Hurricane Maria will cause enough Puerto Ricans to have to move to Florida that it will turn the state Democrat blue. That assumes that Puerto Ricans would rather move than rebuild their island. It also assumes that Puerto Ricans would doggedly cling to Democrat politics irrespective to how well the Trump administration works at helping the island rebuild. Talk about a pessimistic and biased analysis. But what else would one expect from The Post?

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