Monday Top Headlines

House moves against FBI and DOJ, anti-sanctuary city bill introduced, NFL robbing charity, and more.

Political Editors · Dec. 4, 2017
  • Senate GOP tax bill passes in major victory for Trump, Republicans (The Washington Post)

  • House Republicans prepare contempt action against FBI, DOJ (Bloomberg)

  • FBI agent removed from Russia probe had key role in Clinton email investigation (Paywall — The Wall Street Journal)

  • Election law loophole let Democrats fund foreign national’s sketchy dossier against Trump (The Washington Times)

  • Fusion GPS scandal implicates media in possible pay-to-publish scheme (The Federalist)

  • After Kate Steinle verdict, rep unveils bill to imprison officials who shelter illegal immigrants (Fox News)

  • Lawmakers seek end to taxpayer-backed sexual harassment settlements (The Hill)

  • Mexican man convicted of sexual assault was deported from U.S. 20 times (Daily Mail)

  • HIV-positive school aide charged with sexual offenses against 42 kids — Leftmedia silent (CNS News)

  • James Levine suspended by Met Opera after accusations that he sexually abused three teen boys (Fox News)

  • NFL taking money from breast cancer, veterans funds, to pay for “social justice” settlement (The Daily Wire)

  • Policy: If a Christian baker’s rights are violated, we all lose (The Daily Signal)

  • Policy: Secretary DeVos should remind colleges of their First Amendment obligations (National Review)

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