Friday Top Headlines

More tax cut windfall, jobless claims at 45-year low, half of U.S. covered in snow, and more.

Political Editors · Jan. 19, 2018
  • House Republicans pass short-term spending bill, but prospects are dim in the Senate (NBC News)

  • Tax bill windfall: As 65 companies award bonuses, networks air just two stories (NewsBusters)

  • Jobless claims drop to lowest level in nearly 45 years (Washington Examiner)

  • Stock market’s value under Trump has grown by $6.9 trillion to $30.6 trillion (CNBC)

  • Republicans call for releasing “shocking” classified memo showing “FISA abuses” in Russian collusion investigation (The Daily Wire)

  • House panel releases Glenn Simpson testimony transcript (Fox News)

  • 57.9% of illegals caught at U.S.-Mexico border in FY17 not Mexican; from 111 other countries (CNS News)

  • Senate votes to extend key FISA provision, sending bill to Trump’s desk (CBS News)

  • Global warming: Half of U.S. soil covered in snow at the same time (New York Post)

  • Six Chinese ships covertly aided North Korea. U.S. was watching. (The Wall Street Journal)

  • Humor but true: Comey to teach course on ethical leadership for College of William & Mary (The Washington Post)

  • Policy: Democrats don’t actually want a DACA compromise (The Federalist)

  • Policy: Americans need health reform to be a priority issue in 2018 (The Heritage Foundation)

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