Wednesday Short Cuts

Braying Jenny: "[Republicans are] the North Korean army marching behind the Dear Leader." —Joy Reid

Political Editors · Jan. 24, 2018

Straight from the horse’s mouth: “Basically National Socialism and Marxism are the same.” —Adolf Hitler (1889-1945)

For the record: “If [the FISA memo is] as bad as Republicans say, what the Intelligence Committee findings mean is that the FBI used unsubstantiated politically motivated opposition research paid for by one campaign as a pretext to spy on members of another campaign.” —Investor’s Business Daily

Braying Jenny: “45 years after Roe v. Wade, access to safe abortion services has changed the economic futures of millions of women.” —Elizabeth Warren (“Yep. 60M American men & women went from having an economic future to dead.” —Liz Wheeler)

Come again? “In a warming world where climate change knows no borders, climate justice is immigrant justice. We stand with DREAMers.” —350.org

Braying Jackass: “[The Founders] wrote a Constitution that would have checks and balances on a tyrannical president. They never, ever let their imaginations be darkened by the possibility of a compliant Congress in the face of a tyrannical president. But that appears to be exactly what we have in 2018.” —Joe Scarborough

Braying Jenny, part I: “There has never been a more single-minded politician than Paul Ryan. He cares only about eviscerating the social safety net, repealing the 20th century, all of the New Deal, the Great Society. He wants that gone. … He is pathetic.” —Joy Reid

Braying Jenny, part II: “[Republicans are] the North Korean army marching behind the Dear Leader.” —Joy Reid

Alpha Jackass: “Jane [Fonda] should have just said to [Megyn Kelly], ‘And how much [plastic surgery] have you had, b—h?’” —Joy Behar

And last… “Two-Part Plan to Reform Politics: 1. Pass law that people in Congress are only allowed to talk when they have the talking stick. 2. Destroy talking stick.” —Frank Fleming

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