News Alert: Trump Did NOT Fire Mueller

The "bombshell" story is nothing more than tabloid gossip designed to sell papers and paint Trump as guilty of obstruction.

Thomas Gallatin · Jan. 26, 2018

The New York Times headlined a top-of-the-fold blockbuster gossip column titled, “Trump Ordered Mueller Fired.” The Times source: “according to four people told of the matter.”

So their latest effort to assert “obstruction of justice” in the “Clinton Fusion Russian Collusion” charade is based on some unidentified people who heard whatever they heard from some other unidentified person or persons seven months ago? That is called “hearsay.”

According to the Times, Trump directed White House lawyer Don McGahn to dismiss Mueller over questions regarding his impartiality stemming from several potential conflicts of interest. McGahn, however, disagreed and refused to follow Trump’s order, saying it would only make the Trump/Russia collusion narrative look worse. He instead, offered his own resignation. Trump then reportedly chose to back off.

The president, who is currently in Davos plugging his America First agenda, responded to the Times’ story saying it was “fake news, folks, fake news.”

So why is this story being breathlessly reported by much of the mainstream media as a “bombshell” revelation?

First, let’s look at the facts. Mueller was not fired and has not been impeded in any way as he has gone about his investigation. The White House has not sought to prevent any administration officials or staff from being interviewed, as at least 20 have been questioned thus far. Trump himself has been consistent in saying that he is eager and willing to be interviewed by Mueller. And just last month when he was questioned about Mueller, Trump responded, “I think he’s going to be fair.”

Second, legally speaking, there appears to be little to no evidence of Trump having engaged in any actual obstruction of justice, much less any underlying crime of “collusion.” Questioning both publicly and privately the motivation behind the creation of the special counsel does not constitute any breach of law. In fact, with the hostile MSM and Democrats continuously running the dubious and thus far factually vacuous narrative of a Trump/Russia collusion conspiracy, one would think it strange if the president didn’t question the motivation of a special counsel. It does look to be more political witch hunt than criminal investigation.

Finally, this is really all about the Leftmedia effort to create the public perception of Trump being guilty of obstruction, all aimed at propping up Democrats for the 2018 midterm election. And of course, such claims boost their sales and ad revenue. For the Leftmedia it’s a win-win — meanwhile, the American public is being fed a steady stream of tabloid gossip wrapped as “journalism.”


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